New:  January 2008

Finally something is happening again, itís been my intention for a long time to add more pictures and  do some updates, unfortunately I have been very busy. Iíll try to do it better in the future.

 Itís my intention to name the insects I know, where Iím quite sure about the species, but do  remember it is without any guarantee, I could make mistakes.I will probably not put names on  dragonflies and damselflyís since my knowledge is quite small in that area.

 If nothing else is mentioned, the all pictures are from Lolland.

 Have fun Ė yours sincerely
  Jesper Hjelme :-)

 February 2006

LowlandPhoto is a new Internet page, mainly with photos from the Island Lolland in Denmark, Links,
  Information about Lolland, and more for people who are interested in photography like me.
  Pay a visit to my site now and then Ė I will try to update the galleries with new Photos frequently.
  I will make an effort to have the most essential things in Danish, English and German. Iím not a   professional translator, nor web designer, so please have some patience with me if you find a few

  Have fun Ė yours sincerely
  Jesper Hjelme :-)