About LowlandPhoto

The main purpose with LowlandPhoto is to share my photos with others, but also to show pictures from Lolland, and to tell about this part of Denmark.
And of course to document the times we are living in right now. A lot of everyday things are not very exciting right now, because we are living right in the middle of it and it doesn’t seem special.               But in 10 or 30 years there will probably be a lot of boring things we wished we would have taken a picture of – because it’s gone.


                                          IR panorama of the Reventlow museum 2005

Since I got my first Digital camera in the year 2000, my interest in photography has been growing and become a permanent part of my life. Actually I always wanted go get started with photography, but I never really got started because it was so troublesome to my impatient nature with development of films and photos etc. But then the Digital possibilities came, where you could see the results immediately, and everything was more fun and easier (if you know how to use a computer – and a lot of programs).

To me photography is a fascinating media, which without any words can communicate feelings, a certain mood; it can store a memory for you. It can be neutral documentation, cynical or boring.
A media with a lot of expressions – to me, a kind of music without sound.

My preset equipment is a: Sony H2, Sony DSC-F828, DSC-R1, Alpha 100 and the Alpha 700.

Of course I will share my modest photography knowledge, and other maybe useful things with others.
I will put this in the menu TIPS. There are plenty of things to learn and se on the internet and in my LINKS section you can find links to other sites where there is things to learn etc.

It is not my intention to have links to any “bad” sites, or to offend anybody or their rights with pictures or links on these pages, but I can’t check everything in details, so use your own common sense and judgment.

This site is made, maintained and paid by myself, and it is independent of other interests than mine.

There is Copyright on my Photos – send me a MAIL if you have interest in one or some of them.
For non commercial and (according to my judgment) good purposes I usually will let someone use my Photos free of charge – but please get my written permission first. I have most of the pictures here in a larger resolution.

Yours sincerely Jesper Hjelme :-)