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        Billeder fra Lolland og mere!
        Pictures from Lolland and more!
        Bilder von Lolland und mehr!

        Updated: 20. Aug. 2008


 Eg ved Vesterborg-Oak at Vesterborg-Eiche bei Vesterborg
New:  August 2008

Pictures of the Hermit beetle (Osmoderma eremita) direct link to the pictures

New:  June 2008

GPS and Maps, see TIPS

 May 2008

Pictures from the Steam to Diesel event at the open-air museum in Maribo the 17. and 18. of May

 April 2008

Cormorant birds at the inner inlet, direct link to the pictures

New:  March 2008

Pictures from Veteran car get-together in the Reventlow park added,

 January 2008

I have added some more pictures, in the future I wil write the upload date next to the albums. 

New:  January 2008
Finally something is happening again, itís been my intention for a long time to add more pictures and  do some updates, unfortunately I have been very busy. Iíll try to do it better in the future.

 Itís my intention to name the insects I know, where Iím quite sure about the species, but do  remember it is without any guarantee, I could make mistakes.I will probably not put names on  dragonflies and damselflyís since my knowledge is quite small in that area.

 If nothing else is mentioned, the all pictures are from Lolland.

 Have fun Ė yours sincerely
  Jesper Hjelme :-)